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Price Guide

Workshop price guide of the typical work undertaken
The price menu should be used as a guide, as Cycle Tech UK cannot give quotes (or even vague estimations) without seeing your bike.

Whilst a good majority of what our workshop does is unique to the individual requirements of each repair we see, we operate a fixed menu servicing system for general routine servicing tasks.

All service work carried out by Cycle Tech UK mechanics follow our standards of practice and service check sheets.

There is a minimum charge/callout of £20.00 which is not added to the bill if labour is more than £20.00

There maybe a travel charge for outside of a 5 mile working radius of each Cycle Tech UK member. Then there is a charge of 50p/mile for total mileage. Example 20 miles = £10.00

If your bicycle is in a dirty condition there may be a charge for cleaning to allow for closer inspection of the frame and components.

Prices from:


All work completed to Cycle Tech UK’s standards of practice.
Service recommended every 12 months or 1500 miles (Whichever is sooner) and a Safety inspection with brake, gear service every 6 months.

Main Service See below for full details. Every 12 months. From £50.00

Safety inspection Brake & gear adjustment, tyres and safety check. Every 6 months From £40.00

Regular maintenance and periodical checks will keep your bicycle working better, last longer and increase the pleasure of your cycling.

Fitting of any minor parts will be included in the service charge. (There is an extra cost for any Parts replaced, as the service charge is labour only) Extra work is chargeable. See Stand Alone Repairs below. Estimates will be given for any additional work.

Main Service Junior bike up to 20" wheel £45.00
Main Service Single Speed £45.00
Main Service £50.00

What's included in a main service.

As our service sheet:
Bike set-up to fit rider
Check and adjust brakes
Check and adjust gears
Check tyre pressures and tread wear
Check wheels & hubs
True wheels on bike
Adjust headset
Check for chain and drive-train wear
Clean & lubrication of drive-chain
(Chain, gears and associated components)
Clean & lubrication of brake & gear cables
Check torque of bike components
Diagnostics check and advice on
any further work required
Overhaul Service:
Recommended for the keen cyclist, off roaders and for the restoration of classic bikes. £125.00

What's included in a overhaul service:
A main service plus:
Bike valet
Complete strip down, clean
and re-greasing of components
Complete check on all components
Brake service, including inner and
outer casing change
(cost of cables included)
Disc brake clean and adjust &
bleed system (Fluid extra charge)
Gear cable change and re-tune
(Cost of cables included)
Wheels tensioned and trued

1st service Carried out between 4 – 6 weeks after date of purchase £35.00
1st service Bikes purchased from Cycle Tech F.O.C
Inspection & Report (MOT) £30.00

Bike Valet
To thoroughly clean and degrease your bike and relubricate components. £25.00

Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)
PDI. New Bike from Box. Build and set up to BS6102 PT 1, 1992 £45.00
PDI. Bikes purchased from Cycle Tech. Build and set up to BS6102 PT 1, 1992. (First service & free delivery in the Coventry area.) F.O.C

Complete Bike Build
Custom bike build from £80.00
Swap parts from one frame to another from £100.00

Stand Alone Repairs. Prices From:
(Minimum charge £25.00 unless part of a service.) The charge may be less then shown when repairs are part of a service. Use as a guide, a quote will be given after seeing your bike.

Brake service - Brake adjustment, Clean, inspect pad/replace & Lubricate. From £20.00
Brake cables - replace inner cables and outer housing including Adjustments. Includes brake Service. £40.00
Hydraulic brake service & adjustment - Remove brake pads clean & inspect, replace fluid & bleed the system (Cost of fluid/mineral oil included.) £30.00
Disc brake fitting - single (to suitable frame/forks) £20.00
Combined brake & gear service From £40.00

Gear service adjustment, Inspect & lubricate (front & rear) From £20.00
Gear cables replace & adjust Pair £40.00
Front derailleur (seat tube) replacement including adjustment £25.00
Front derailleur (bottom bracket) replacement including adjustment £35.00
Rear derailleur replacement including adjustment Replace derailleur hanger from £20.00
Combined a brake & gear service From £40.00

Chain & Cassette/Freewheel replacement. (Recommended replacing as a pair to stop slipping and reduce rapid wear.) £25.00
Bottom bracket replacement £30.00
Chainset/Crankset replacement £25.00
Chainring replacement (Replace outer Chainring £15.00 If Chainset/Crankset is not removed)
Re tap crank pedal thread £10 each (£18.00 pair)
Degrease & lubricate drive-train

Tyres and Wheels
Tyre or tube replacement £10.00
Tyre or tube replacement with hub gears Dutch/Electric Bikes £15.00
Wheel build £45.00 (Pair £80.00)
Wheel truing on jig (replacement spokes From £1.20 per spoke) £20.00
Hub Service Front £20.00
Hub Service Rear £30.00
Suspension & Headset
Fork fitting from £30.00Headset service or replacement £30.00
Fork service P.O.A

Bars & Grips/Tape
Fit/replace Handlebar £25.00
Fit/replace stem £20.00

Fitting and adjustment (lights, computer, kick stand, child carrier, mudguard, luggage rack, bottle & cage etc) P.O.A
Some accessories supplied from Cycle Tech UK are normally fitted free of charge
Remember: Please just ask if there is anything specific you require and we will gladly deliver your order as part of a service

Price list is labour only. Any parts are extra.